The Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC) was established by an act of Parliament (Act No.30 of 1948) under the “Indian Central Cotton Cess Act XIV of 1923” in 1948 and as modified up to the 1st June, 1951. Under its charter, the committee has the mandate of improvement and development of the growing, marketing and manufacturing of cotton and cotton by-products, through an extensive programme of research and development programmes, in all its conceivable aspects. For this purpose a chain of research institutes/stations has been set up by the PCCC all over the country to undertake research of fundamental as well applied nature on cotton. The accomplishment of the mandated task is carried through mono-crop multi-disciplinary research and development activities, national trials and testing system of newly developed varieties and technologies, agricultural surveys, advanced training to the personals, legislative measures, Market & Economic research, publicity and propaganda for the adoption of improved practices of cotton cultivation.

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