The marketing and economic research conducted by the Directorate of Mraketing & Economic Research, PCCC aim at ascertaining the nature of demand of Pakistan cottons, exploring market potentials, assessing production potentials and extending assistance to the authorities in production planning, policy making, execution and monitoring of different programmes of economic nature. Ever since emphasis was shifted to economic planning and policy making, the activities of PCCC in this particular field have been greatly widened, and are being consistently looked after by the Directorate of Marketing & Economic Research (DMER), which was set up in 1979.

Under the present set-up, the Directorate of Marketing & Economic Research makes assessments of the cotton situation, keeps a watchful eye on ginning operations and movements of cotton during the season and closely follows prices, consumption, exports and stocks. It also keeps the authorities abreast of development problems, bottlenecks and suggests appropriate remedial measures.

The information and analysis of data and facts facilitates the authorities, and the policy makers in preparation and execution of cotton production plans. These analysis also help the concerned agencies in identification of economic and marketing problems of cotton in their true perspective. Dissemination of facts also guides the growers, ginners traders, Cotton Exporters and the research workers in their functions towards realization of benefits and rewards of their intensive efforts.

The activities have significantly contributed towards highlighting the economic importance of cotton amongst research workers and guiding them in pursuing right direction of research. The DMER carries out studies on marketing research and cotton development programmes relating to production trade and its utilization.

Function Of DMER

The functions of the Directorate may be broadly categorized as follows:

Studies and Investigations:

The studies and Investigations being undertaken by the DMER mostly pertain to economics and marketing aspects of cotton and are both of fundamental and applied nature. The fundamental studies are directed to bring out the nature of problems, and behaviors of economic factors together with suggested remedial measures. These studies cover longer period and depend on generalizations as to their causes, reasons and effects. These are of immense use in programming policy and decision making as well as in the execution of development programmes. Investigations are mainly directed to finding solution to the short-term problems and economic and marketing nature, and are based either on already available information of such information as may be collected for specific purpose, with a view to solving routine problems, related to field, processing, marketing financing, export or consumption. The results of these studies and investigations are disseminated widely for the benefit of all concerned with cotton production, marketing and its utilization.

Technical Services:

The DMER regularly provides information data, facts and figures on all aspects of cotton to other Divisions of the Pakistan Central Cotton Committee, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, other Ministries and concerned Departments, research organizations and trade associations. These services are also provided to various foreign organizations like International Cotton Advisory Committee, Food and Agriculture Organization, International Textile Manufacturing Association, World Bank, Liverpool Cotton Services Limited, Japan Cotton Spinners Association etc. The technical services also include consultancy and advisory activities, preparations of subject matter papers, offering comments on technical papers as well as preparation of questionnaire and interpretation of data.


Dissemination of information and data is carried out through regular publications, listed below:

  • Daily Market Report.
  • Weekly Update on Cotton.
  • Monthly Cotton Review.
  • ‘COTISTICS’ Annual Cotton Statistical Bulletin.
  • Thus the DMER provides a regular flow of marketing intelligence and helps the marketing institutions in their pursuit for expansion of markets for the Pakistan cottons.

    Collection and Compilation of Data and Facts:

    Data and facts relatihg to raw cotton, its processed goods and by-products are regularly collected from the primary as well as secondary source and compiled for general presentation. The on-going data are reproduced in various publications of the PCCC particularly through the medium of ‘COTISTICS’.

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