T.R.S.C. The Technological Research Sub-Committee is charged with the responsibilities of coordination and evaluation of technological research on cotton and textile technology. Technological Research Sub-Committee (TRSC) is comprised of members from Universities, APTMA, PCGA, KCA and cotton growers. The Textile Commissioner Government of Pakistan is the Chairman of TRSC.

Contribution of PICR&T: 

PICR&T achieved excellence in research, about 200 research papers have been so far published. Water-proofing of canvas by chemical bounding without adding weight to the fabric. (Sold to the local tent manufacturing firm) Manufacturing of protein from cotton seed. A quick method for determining the maturity of cotton fibre. A positive method of determination of mercerization by using X-ray techniques. Extraction of edible proteins from cotton seed meal by simple techniques in the laboratory. 


To meet the research studies in the field of cotton textile PICR&T had a very well-equipped library. There are nearly three thousand books and research journals.


Production and spinning potential of Pakistan Cotton on commercial scale. Comparative study of the quality characteristics of yarn manufactured by the new spinning system and ring spinning. Modern developments in the techniques for the production of indigo-dyed blue denim. To study different parameters of Bt. cotton seed oil.


The Institute provides test house facilities to the cotton breeders, textile traders, industry and exporter. The test report/certificates are issued on the assessment of cotton fibre and textile material testing. For testing we strictly follow International standard like: ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), BS (British Standard), AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists). The Institute tested thousands of samples so far. Technical Assistance to Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PS&QCA) The officers of PICR&T are the members of different textile sectional committee and Institute also offered testing facilities for new standards and specifications pertaining to different textile material and test methods.


The Institute providing training facilities to the students of Universities and textile colleges PICR&T is playing important role in the field of human resource development by imparting training to individuals from the textile industry and private sector .


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